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Streamline Your Wellness Plan Administration with Our Customer Subscription Management

Eliminate the burden of billing and invoicing with our customer subscription management software. We make the custom plans creation process super easy for you. Now no more hunting down payments, creating new invoices with mounting late fees, and sending dunning notices. We do everything for you, eliminating all paperwork.

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Unlike most in-house practice management software, we are a cross-category platform where you can create, manage and sell your plans. We allow your customers to buy and manage plans in various healthcare areas, including dental, chiropractic, mental health, veterinary, optometry, and other general wellness care. Here we can help you through:

Loyalty & Compliance

Improved Customer Retention

Our unique online subscription management and membership billing software helps enhance and expand your practice by improving customer retention. We make life easier for both providers and consumers regarding plan sign-up, payments, collections, and cancellation issues.

Seamless Payment Process

With PlanSplit ,you can enjoy flexible payment options to retain customers. We manage payments collections and associated issues for you. You do not need a separate merchant account. Your billing should be flexible enough to accommodate each client with our customer subscription management.

Predictable Recurring Revenue

Our subscription software enables you to create multiple plans and establish a sustainable recurring revenue business model. We have intuitive features such as auto-renewal, renewal to the same or different plan, optional annual payment discounts for your consumers, variable plan periods, item groups, and more.

Saving Time

Ours is a ready-to-go subscription usage management system that saves time selling your services in packages, plans, memberships or subscriptions to increase revenue. We help reduce the staff workload, allowing your employees to focus on their primary job, client and patient care. With our software, invoicing usage and recurring billing mistakes are reduced to a minimum.

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Why Choose Us?

PlanSplit is not a financing company

We strengthen the bond between providers and consumers by facilitating usage based plan creation and sale. You can streamline your practice while leveraging split billing and recurring revenue. Enjoy the benefits of increased client compliance, loyalty and practice revenue by joining our subscription management services.

selling subscriptions, memberships, plans, or packages

Unlike most in-house plans ,we provide a platform to easily create, sell, and apply usage and savings, while handling all the pains of consumer sign-up, collections, and cancellations. We are neither a financing company nor a coupon-based marketplace. We don’t need credit checks or take advantage of one-off offers to drive new clients. We allow providers to offer their in-house memberships, wellness plans, and packages to new and existing consumers at various plan lengths and with value-adds or discounts of their choice.

Take advantage of our online subscription management and membership billing software and grow your recurring revenue stream with a better way to sell and manage your
memberships, packages, and plans.