Service Providers can increase patient compliance by providing value-based health and wellness care

PlanSplit allows providers to efficiently offer usage-based service packages, plans, and memberships which increase their monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Consumers get added value for their loyalty. This forms better bonds between providers and consumers, which improves patient health through increased compliance.

The historical problem

PlanSplit was founded by a multi-practice owner veterinarian. His two decades of experience with the Provider-Consumer relationship as it pertains to compliance, loyalty, satisfaction, and cost of care led to the framework for our company. He saw that the clients, or consumers, wanted to take care of their fur babies, but cost was many times a barrier. Clients would ask for discounts for their years of loyalty, for having multiple pets, or simply because they could not afford the things their pets needed. Discounting was always challenging because he just wanted to practice medicine, not deal with finances, none-the-less figure out who deserved a discount and who did not.

The value-based solution

Enter split-billed service plans, commonly known as Wellness Plans at veterinary offices. They are key method by which our founder and his team and helped reduce cost by discounting, in return for client loyalty and compliance. The Plans also increased client satisfaction, while increasing and stabilizing monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for his veterinary business. These Plans were packaged services to be administered over a certain period. They were also discounted and split-billed to clients as an incentive for their commitment.

PlanSplit is for Cash-Based Health & Wellness Service Providers

Quick & easy plans set-up

  • Create a Provider Portal and start selling your first plan at your practice in minutes.
  • The services offered, plan period, and pricing are all controlled by the Provider.
  • Private URL code for your consumers to quickly see your plans

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

  • By offering value added or discounted service plans, you decrease a large barrier to patient compliance for cash-based services.
  • Split billing further increases patient compliance through convenience and affordability.
  • Auto-renew to same or different plans to maintain your care relationship long term.
  • All this translates to a healthy and sustainable MRR for your practice.

Efficiency & expense reduction

  • Your team sends clients to PlanSplit with your URL code to buy your plans. From there, we are automation driven and human supported to handle most of the administrative work for you.
  • From sign-up, collections, renewals, and cancellations we handle everything so you can focus on care.
  • All your team must do is apply usage at time of service.
  • Staff time saved on plans administration and billing issues is a significant expense reduction.

Fair Provider-Consumer relationship:

  • Usage is applied by provider and consumer has full optics on it and the savings.
  • Plan cancellation by consumer leads to options of retrograde paying for services used at non-discounted pricing or plan payment in full, whichever is cheaper.

Worry free, automated, and secure payouts

  • We use Stripe to collect from your consumer and deposit net payout into your bank account as fast as Stripe allows, in most cases within 7 days.
  • We work directly with your consumer to handle any payment issues, saving your business time and expense.

Cross category platform:

  • Consumers can buy plans from several categories: Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medical Cosmetology, Mental Health, Optometry, Veterinary, and General Wellness.
  • Consumers connect the dots between local providers, and you can be that dot.

Optional Marketplace

  • Go beyond selling plans to increase compliance withing your current patient base.
  • Offering same or similar plans on our marketplace makes them visible to everyone on the site and can bring you new patients looking for value-based health and wellness care.


  • Consumers want to do what their providers recommend. So, recommending and selling your custom plans in your practice is best. We provide a marketing kit to help you promote your plans to your existing and new consumers.
  • PlanSplit actively does its own social media and other online marketing to increase exposure of your marketplace plans

PlanSplit is Also for Consumers


  • Most plans are discounted or have value adds so you get more for your money.

Split billing

  • You can pay plan in full and sometimes get an additional discount or pay monthly over the plan period.


  • You can buy plans for yourself and your family members, including pets. (HIPPA waiver may be required by your provider for family members).
  • View usage and savings of your health and wellness services across an array of provider types.
  • Automated monthly payments.

Fair Provider-Consumer relationship

  • Usage is applied by provider and consumer has full optics on it and the savings.
  • Plan cancellation by consumer leads to options of retrograde paying for services used at non-discounted pricing or plan payment in full, whichever is cheaper.
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