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Scale Up Your Practices with the Best Subscription Billing Software

Manage and optimize your billing procedure with PlanSplit’s automated subscription billing solution. We are a standalone cross-category, allowing consumers to buy and manage their plans for a wide variety of service providers, which include Chiropractic, Veterinary, Med Spa, Dental, Mental Health, Optometry, and General Wellness. From handling plan sign-up, payments, collections to cancellation issues, we help businesses deliver the ideal customer experience with subscription management and membership billing platform they will love.

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If you want more than practice software integration, you might want to consider PlanSplit. We aim to reduce staff workload, which is not achievable through standalone integration. Here we help you by:

Loyalty & Compliance

Automating Practices

Unlike in-house usage management, you don’t need to manage a separate merchant account or a payment gateway with PlanSplit. We act as a buffer between your practice and your clients in matters of sign-up, payments, collections, and cancellation issues. With the automation features of our billing software, you can better streamline your custom plan creation process. Usage can be easily applied directly in our web application and easily reflected in your practice software by several methods.

Eliminating Paperwork

Using in-house plans requires your employees to print agreements, collect signature(s), enter payment info, and save the documentation. With PlanSplit, there’s no need for paperwork for anyone. We remove the burden of documentation and paperwork by allowing consumers to do all that by themselves on our site.

Flexible Billing

With PlanSplit , you can enjoy complete control over the billing cycles and equip your customers with a flexible billing option. Our subscription billing software is designed to maximize your scalability by increasing your billing flexibility.

Saving Time

Our subscription billing software system saves your time by making the custom plans creation process super easy for you, thereby increasing your revenue. You can quickly create multiple plans and establish a sustainable recurring revenue business model. At PlanSplit, we provide cool features such as auto-renewal to same or different plan, optional annual payment incentives for your customers, flexible plan periods, item groupings, and more.

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Why Choose Us?

PlanSplit is not a financing company

While a financing company requires a credit check, PlanSplit does not. We don’t fall back on one-off offers to drive in new clients, unlike a coupon-based marketplace. We do have an optional marketplace where you can sell your plans and gain new customers. Also, we combine usage management and recurring billing without needing an additional merchant account.

selling subscriptions, memberships, plans, or packages

Unlike most in-house plans management options, we provide your customers with a dashboard to monitor their savings and usage. As a leading cross-category system, we allow customers to purchase and manage plans from a range of service providers. We cater to both human and animal members of the family. Your customers will be able to buy and manage plans in various healthcare areas, including dental, chiropractic, mental health, veterinary, optometry, and other general wellness care.

Take advantage of our special subscription billing management system. Create and sell plans for
multiple locations in a single account quickly and easily.