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Home Facility Maintenance

Home Facility Maintenance

Whether it is your home or business, recurring maintenance will keep your facilities running smoothly and looking good. Sometimes, significant projects such as plumbing, electrical, and structural work need to be scheduled. Other minor issues need to be addressed from time to time. With recurring maintenance and upkeep, you can keep your facility clean, safe, and comfortable for your guests, clients, and customers.

Why You Must Consider Home or Facility Maintenance:

One of the most common problems with buildings is the faulty or poor functioning of mechanical systems. A defective system can create discomfort for your guests and threaten the safety of the building's occupants. On-time and regular preventative maintenance can extend the life of a system and reduce the possibility of more costly repairs. Additionally, occupants can be relieved of fears about an impending catastrophe since they know that proper steps have been taken to correct the problem.

Benefits of Choosing Home or Facility Maintenance Service Plans:

The perks of home and facility maintenance service plans are huge. Consumers can get a plan that suits them best depending on their building's size. All they must do is search for providers with facility maintenance service plans. Following are some common benefits of home or facility maintenance service plans:

  • It allows service providers to do more for existing consumers and gain more new consumers.
  • It allows consumers to experience better returns on their investments and ensure that the daily maintenance of their houses or facilities is taken care of.
  • It saves money and time that would otherwise be spent on emergency repairs. It adds value to the structure and property, ensuring the long-term health of the building. It ensures a constant demand for recurring maintenance services for the providers.

Home/Facility Plans or Packages that May Include:

  • A certain number of maintenance hours
  • Recurring maintenance items
  • Replacement materials
  • Discount membership

The Role of PlanSplit:

PlanSplit subscription management software enables home and facility maintenance service providers to create and sell service plans to clients and manages their subscription billing automatically. Signing up for our software can eliminate the pain points associated with signup, payment collection, plan revisions, renewals, and termination. Depending on the requirements and budget, providers can offer different types of subscriptions, including:

  • All-inclusive: One fee includes everything.
  • Level-based: Each level has a different level of access for a different fee.
  • Usage-based: The consumer gets set limits on services or products over a certain period.

Consumers can enjoy access to different levels of services or products for different fees over a certain period. Plans are adjusted at the client's discretion and based on consumer usage of services or products. Payments are automatically collected monthly from the consumer's bank account. If the consumers want and the providers agree, they can pay in full upfront. The service plan cost is split into monthly installments and spent over a period at the end of each month. In a way, it is a win-win situation for both providers and consumers.