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Fitness Service

Fitness is an integral part of modern life. It promotes the proper balance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In the changing world, more and more people have realized the importance of staying healthy and keeping fit. A recent survey found that 64.19 million Americans are active members of health and fitness clubs.

The United States now has the highest fitness industry revenue in the world. If the United States wants to maintain its leadership in the fitness sector, it will need to add 15.6 million members by 2030, or 1.33 million new club members, each year. Online subscriptions and usage-based wellness plans can contribute to the industry's growth.

Why is it important to stay fit and fine?

According to some research, fitness is the key to successful living and chronic illness prevention. Bentlage et al. (2020) stated in a recent assessment of 31 published research that physical inactivity owing to current pandemic restrictions is a serious public health concern that is a notable risk factor for shortened life expectancy and various physical health disorders (Jurak et al., 2020). Fitness has been found to boost other systems (endocrine, digestive, immunological, and renal systems) that are vital in resisting any known or unknown threat to our body.

Hence, it is essential to enhance fitness levels to keep off any disease, particularly chronic health conditions.

What are the warning indicators of poor fitness issues?

If you have fitness issues, you are likely to have persistent fatigue and, unexplained loss of stamina, unexplained weight gain. Even when you don't eat very much, you can experience unexplained pains in different parts of your body (that aren't the result of a clear cause), mood swings, or other signs that indicate your emotional stability, blurred vision, or diminished eyesight or other issues that can affect your sight, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and so on.

Key Benefits of Fitness and Wellness Subscription Plans:

After you receive a fitness and wellness subscription plan from a reputable provider, they are available round the clock to help you with fitness issues. If fitness experts discover that you suffer from underlying problems like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases that can cause some of the symptoms mentioned above, they will inform you and your doctor as well. The fitness expert can determine the most appropriate fitness program to follow by assessing and evaluating your health condition. Let's discover what other benefits you can derive from fitness and wellness memberships.

Workouts That Fit Your Hectic Schedule:

Nowadays, more fitness memberships are coming out with various fitness programs to match your specific needs, including boot camps, and spinning. Depending on your plan type, you can be guided through step-by-step workout routines or trained on how to use fitness machines.

Perks That Can Simplify Your Life:

Having a suitable fitness program and plan in place means you don't have to visit a health club for every single workout. Online plans and packages enable you to access a wide range of programs and classes from the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, you can enjoy the added benefits of checking out various plans that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Exclusive Equipment to Boost Up Your Workout:

Opting for a fitness program is one of the best ways to ensure a quick transformation. It accelerates your fitness and weight loss goals without any side effects. The fitness plan offers access to technological breakthroughs, advanced fitness equipment, and effective personal training programs.

Classes, Classes, and More Classes:

No matter where you are, you can take unlimited online classes. The more classes you take, the better your chances are of losing weight and getting healthier and fitter. The classes are designed to be done at your own pace. You can schedule at your convenience.

Learn from the Pros:

Fitness and wellness programs allow you to take video classes from industry experts and listen to their views, thoughts, experiences, and advice in your own time. The providers of these services are highly experienced professionals eminent in the field of physical fitness.

The Role of PlanSplit:

PlanSplit is a new subscription billing software that enables fitness and wellness service providers to create and sell fitness and wellness plans, packages, memberships, and subscriptions. At PlanSplit, we simplify the plan creation and management process and take care of your billing and follow-ups. We remove all the pain points associated with sign-up, payment collection, plan adjustments, renewals, and cancellations. Using PlanSplit recurring billing software, fitness and wellness practitioners can customize their plans, tailor payments to customer needs and preferences, and manage their customers from the member on-boarding process all the way to the end of their subscription.

Widely used and preexisting models may include:

  • Membership levels
  • Class packages and add-ons
  • Usage based wellness plans
  • Online subscriptions

Depending on the value of the package, consumers can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • All-inclusive membership: A monthly fee gives access to the facility.
  • Level-based membership: Level A gives you this stuff, whereas Level B gives you everything in A + this other stuff.
  • Usage-based: This package has these items (services and products) over this period, and this other package has these other items over this period.

Plans can be modified as necessary to accommodate various service levels. All subscription types can be automatically collected monthly with PlanSplit or, if the provider prefers and the customer agrees, paid in total upfront.