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Transportation Services

Transportation Service

Your mode of transportation needs care too. Truly, one of the most cost-effective ways to extend the useful life of a car and boat is to opt for a service subscription. According to a study, almost 80% of all car and boat repairs can be deferred through preventive maintenance. On-time and regular maintenance with car/boat subscriptions can save you from expensive auto and boat shop trips. All you need to do is sign up for car/boat subscriptions.

What is Auto and Boat care?

Auto and boat care is a type of subscription that involves all the maintenance services required to maintain your vehicle in perfect working condition. From routine maintenance to one-off services, subscriptions can include:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire care
  • Washing/Detailing
  • Manufacturer-Recommended Services

Car or boat owners will be relieved to know that their vehicle is in good hands. The care service providers are highly qualified, extremely knowledgeable, and well-trained in the skills of detailing and washing. Statistics show that 10% of all boating accidents are due to poor maintenance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has conducted studies that show an average of 45,000 accidents per year are reported due to vehicle malfunctions, many of which result from poor maintenance on the part of the owner.

Why is auto and boat care gaining importance?

The rising demand for motoring and boating has led to an increased need for automobile and boat maintenance to prevent the loss of lives and property. Unlike the period of 25 years ago, when it was very easy to find a mechanic for automobiles and boats, today, it is becoming a challenge for vehicle owners as people can no longer afford the expensive costs involved in hiring an expert mechanic. By signing up for an auto or boat subscription, vehicle and boat owners can now get premium services at pocket-friendly prices. Depending on the service package, the auto or boat owner can enjoy 24-hour on-call services with no hidden charges.

Other transportation related uses:

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  • Rentals
  • Chauffeur & Ride Share
  • Washing & Detailing

The Role of PlanSplit:

PlanSplit enables auto and boat service providers to use our platform to create and sell plans, packages, memberships, and subscriptions. After an initial plan has been set up, we may serve auto and boat service providers with patient signup, payment collection, plan modifications, renewals, and cancellations. The provider can sell a package of services to be performed over a certain period. Depending on the value of the package, consumers can choose from the following subscriptions:

  • All-inclusive: One fee includes everything.
  • Level-based: Each level has a different level of access for a different fee.
  • Usage-based: The consumer gets set limits on services or products over a certain period.

PlanSplit allows all subscription types to be automatically collected monthly or, if the provider wants and the consumer agrees, paid in full upfront. Similarly, in the event of adjustments or cancellations, we help clients with the proper procedure. Plans can be adjusted for different levels of service as needed. As a result, we serve as a market space, allowing providers and customers to get the most out of their service plans.