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Set Up Billing Frequencies and Automate Your Business with Our Recurring Billing System

PlanSplit offers a recurring billing platform that allows you to provide your consumers with an unlimited variety of memberships, packages, and plans. We are the perfect platform for health and wellness service providers looking for an optional marketplace to streamline and manage custom plan creation in sign-up, payment collections, renewals, and cancellations. Everything can be done on our web portal with ease, from generating new consumers to collecting payments from consumers. With our online recurring membership billing system, you can easily handle consumer payments without a separate merchant account.

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Loyalty & Compliance

Boost Conversions

A recurring membership billing system with an easy-to-use and comprehensive interface is a significant value for your consumers. PlanSplit is your automated subscription billing solution that actively boosts conversions and organic promotion opportunities because people love to share easy experiences

Streamline Recurring Billing Operations

PlanSplit helps eliminate manual errors by automating your entire usage based plans sign-up and recurring billing operations. Our unique recurring billing system enables providers to collect set fees for usage based service plans, package, memberships, or subscriptions with monthly billing periods of your choice

Improve Customer Retention

We focus on improving customer retention by making the process of signing up and paying for a subscription as seamless as possible. Our advanced subscription billing services may also help automate subscription plan adjustments and month-end bookkeeping

Stabilize Recurring Billing Revenue

Maximize revenue and remove payment complexity through our monthly recurring membership billing software. Your practice can enjoy a consistent revenue stream with our recurring payment plans. The smoother the payment collection process, the better the recurring revenue.

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Why Choose Us?

PlanSplit is not a financing company

We are an online health and wellness service membership management software company founded by a provider like yourself. We help service providers focus customers care by lowering or negating recurring billing management costs. With PlanSplit, service providers don’t need separate payment gateways or merchant accounts. Providers also don’t need to dedicate additional staff time for plans management. All you have to do is tell your consumers about your plans and apply usage.We are different from online coupons and medical credit cards. We have the latest and most affordable subscription billing software for all kinds of health and wellness services, including chiropractic, dentistry, medical cosmetology, mental health, optometry, veterinary, and more.

selling subscriptions, memberships, plans, or packages

Instead of focusing on practice integration, we emphasize targeting a larger audience to grow your practice. The only benefit to practice software integration is that the usage can be applied in a single invoicing step. With PlanSplit, you can do it instantly at the time of checkout.The loss of seconds due to lack of integration is not a big deal, considering the hours saved by not managing all the tasks such as sign-ups, payments, collections, cancellations, and filing paperwork. Unlike practice software integration which increased the workload on your team, PlanSplit reduces the workload, enabling the staff to focus on their primary job of client/patient care.

Take advantage of our special subscription management system. Grow your recurring revenue with a better way to sell and manage
your memberships, packages, and plans.