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Pamper Your Members with the Premium Experience They Deserve

Increase loyalty, compliance, and commitment by offering diverse usage based plans to meet consumer demand. We are a fantastic alternative to in-house options, making membership billing and membership administration super easy. We enable providers to easily create and sell usage-based service plans while we handle all the pain points from sign-up, payment collection, cancellations, to renewals. Take advantage of our membership billing software to increase recurring revenue for your healthcare practice.

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PlansSplit has a positive impact on your consumer retention and loyalty. From creating a wellness plan to administering membership, you can benefit from our software in many ways. Here we help you through:

Loyalty & Compliance

All-in-One Access

By acquiring our membership management and membership billing software, you will be able to create a unified system that meets the administrative needs of both your practice and your consumers. You can house all vital information in one place, enabling your staff to access plans usage data at any time, from anywhere.


Handling memberships using multiple programs or performing repetitive tasks can be stressful and time-consuming. Our online membership billing and management software makes your life a little easier. With PlanSplit, you can enjoy access to multiple membership management tools to retain your current customers and gain new ones.

Automate Billing Process

We do have intuitive features such as auto-renewal, renewal to a different plan, optional annual payment discounts for your consumers, variable plan periods, item groups, and more. Our automation tools facilitate registration and membership renewal, reducing staff workload. With our software, there’s zero paperwork required. Usage can be applied directly in our web application and easily reflected in your practice software by several methods

Generate More Revenue

We help providers diversify their revenue sources, enabling them to create multiple plans by leveraging our sustainable recurring revenue split billing platform. You can also use our marketplace to sell your plans to new consumers and further grow your business.

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Why Choose Us?

PlanSplit is not a financing company

As the only cross-category usage based membership split billing platform, we strive to strengthen the bond between service providers and consumers. We also provide an optional Marketplace to sell your plans and gain new customers. By signing up with us, your consumers will be able to buy and manage plans across several healthcare categories, including dental, chiropractic, mental health, veterinary, optometry, and other general wellness care.

selling subscriptions, memberships, plans, or packages

Unlike financial companies or coupon-based marketplaces, we don’t ask for credit checks from consumers to purchase plans. Consumers can purchase multiple plans from the same provider or different providers based on their needs. We allow providers to maintain their membership operation, reducing staff time for handling jobs such as sign-ups, cancellations, renewals, payment method corrections, etc. Our automation tools and human support team will do all this administrative work for you.

Make the Most of Our Membership Billing and Management System. Streamline Membership and Monitor the Growth of Your Customer Base through Your Provider Portal and Stay on Top of Everything
with Our Dynamic Reporting Features.